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Our Approach

Our commitment is to provide an academic and well-rounded education which is tailored to the needs of our pupils, believing that bright children benefit from carefully monitored and well directed learning, where self-discipline is highly prized and where each pupil is known as an individual.

Our pioneering approach is based on a multiple-intelligence curriculum, encapsulating the five core aspects of individual growth; emotional, social, intellectual, creative and physical.

At Bright Academy we aim to maximise children’s achievement by removing barriers to learning through a varied, inclusive curriculum delivered in a safe, stimulating environment. The success of this approach can be seen not just in the fantastic academic results our children achieve, but also in the confidence and enthusiasm for learning our well-rounded children exude.

As a primary school, we believe we have a key role in society in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality through our teaching and in the role models we offer. We believe our children’s successes affirm this work and are passionate about ensuring they own these values. We welcome families to come and visit our school and see the children enjoying their learning.

We hope the information contained on this website will help you to understand more about starting at Bright Academy.

If you would like to know more you are welcome to visit us by contacting the school to make an appointment.